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Hard work ahead, will grow rapidly, to better serve customers
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Hard work ahead, will grow rapidly, Qian Xin better service to customers Molding Co., Ltd. focuses on the hollow mold design and manufacturing, the company has more than years of practical experience in engineering personnel. Processing equipment from Germany, Taiwan and other high-precision CAD, CAM machining centers to ensure the accuracy of the mold.

Production process, we strictly in accordance with ISO9002 quality management system, combined with actual production conditions and product characteristics, establish and improve the quality management system to ensure the provision of quality products and satisfactory service to customers.

Excellence, quality is our aim, absorbing, development and growth is our goal.

Although we are still in the development stage, I believe that through unremitting efforts, hard work ahead, will grow rapidly, and better service to customers, creating greater value for our customers.

Qian Cheng pragmatic, win-win.